Atlanta Brunch Society’s main goal is to bring together two of the best things on this planet – bottomless mimosas and fantastic humans. The idea behind AtlantaBS was conceived at, you guessed it, brunch between two long-time buddies. Lindsay Bush and Matthew Smith were out for their typical Sunday Funday routine when they looked around and realized something. Not only is brunch one of the most popular activities of their generation – go ahead, try to name someone that does not love it – but there is an enormous opportunity to improve the experience. It is important to note that after several mimosas, they felt they had come up with a more groundbreaking idea than Steve Jobs, so they excitedly called their friend Michelle to explain the genius plan.

Think about your average brunch outing: you spend time looking for the “best” brunch spot in town (aka bottomless), then you begin the delicate dance of coordinating with your friends to get there. Once inside, there is typically a wait for a table, but it is worth the wait because you are about to enjoy some of the most delicious cuisine that life has to offer. Let’s face it – brunch food is the absolute greatest thing to ever happen to this cold cruel world. Best part? You wash it down with as much Champagne as your little heart desires.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? One problem. You are likely having brunch with the same people that you see every day – it is not exactly an environment that promotes mingling with strangers. Here at AtlantaBS, we think it is important to not only enjoy yourself, but to expand your horizons while doing so. Call it social multi-tasking.

Our mantra here is “redefining BS” and that is exactly what we are set out to do. The team at AtlantaBS has a goal to create a fun, casual environment that promotes great conversation with new friends. Why limit yourself to your own table on Sundays when you could meet a new bestie, your next business partner, or possibly even your future husband or wifey at one of our events? Don’t suffer from FOMO, come join us today and see how we can make your brunch work for you!

Our Team

Matt, 30- Technology

Matthew Smith is a Georgia native, born and raised in Toccoa, GA. He began his college career at Young Harris College in Young Harris, GA, where he met and became friends with fellow AtlantaBS team member Lindsay Bush. After graduating from YHC in 2008, Matt went on to attend the University of Georgia, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 2010. Currently, he serves as Vice President of Operations for 7 Mindsets in Roswell, GA.

Aside from brunching with friends, Matt spends much of his free time producing his own music. He is an experienced and talented singer/songwriter, on top of being an accomplished pianist and guitar player. Matt is driven both artistically and professionally, finding balance in pursuing both a career in business and his love of music.

Michelle, 37 – Property Management

Michelle Kim, or “Mish,” as we like to call her, is a proud Chicago native. Michelle is one busy woman – not only is she the Assistant Property Manager at Olmsted Chamblee, but she serves as the current Executive VP and board member for the nonprofit organization JCI Atlanta. If you thought that was a lot for one woman to handle, just wait – she also does social media marketing and special events for local business owners as her “side hustle.” Mish firmly believes in hard work, not only for your own personal growth, but to improve the community around you as well.

In her limited free time, Mish enjoys being a foodie and supporting local businesses. As an “Elite Yelper” since 2009, she is an active member of the Atlanta ITP and OTP community (she even worked for Yelp in 2010). She is a master in professional networking, so coming on board at AtlantaBS could not have been a more perfect fit.

Lindsay, 29- Cyber Security

Lindsay Bush grew up just across the Georgia border in Hayesville, North Carolina. She began her college career at Young Harris College, where she met fellow AtlantaBS team member, Matthew Smith. She graduated YHC in 2008, and much like Matthew, went on to attend the University of Georgia. She graduated from UGA in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. After college, Lindsay made the move to Miami, FL, where she lived and worked in International Logistics/Trade Compliance until 2016, when she decided to make the move back up to Georgia. Currently, she is an information security professional at SecureWorks in Atlanta, GA.

In her free time, Lindsay enjoys creating art, music, and hanging out with her Siberian Husky, Jax. She was a competitive dancer for most of her life, and she still loves to take classes and go out dancing with friends. One of her favorite things about her life in Miami was the vibrant and eclectic art scene, although the beaches and year round summer weather were close behind. Now that she is back in Atlanta, she is taking in all that the city has to offer, including some of the best brunch food in the south.